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Skinny-Fat to Shredded Six Pack Abs

Skinny Fat To shredded Transformation

It's real fun! I was sore all last week. A coworker playfully patted on my pec the day after chest and triceps, and I almost cried hahaha.

I love that I take an hour at most from start to finish. My arms are really feeling it. Thanks again,


Patrick Skinny-Fat To Six Pack Transformation

Skinny Fat To Fit Transformation

It's all thanks to your guidance - I'm in disbelief that I was able to shed my skinny fat-ness while still remaining fit.

Thank you again - I wouldn't have been able to approach fitness in a holistic and balanced manner if it wasn't for your guidance. Honestly, it's opened my eyes up to just living a healthier life of moderation. Cheers,


Best Skinny-Fat Transformation

Fat To fit Transformation

I was kind of surprised by the side-by-side comparisons myself. I feel great about the progress!

You gave me the direction. I just followed it.


Skinny-Fat Body Transformation

Fat To skinny to fit Transformation

Haha wow, I hadn't put the pictures side-by-side like that.  Really makes the differences stand out.

Still going strong!  The scale continues to go down. Strength continues to go up for the primary lifts.


Skinny Body Transformation and Building Muscle and Burning Fat Fast

skinny fat to fit Transformation

My biggest goal was to get rid of the little love handles and small belly fat and also growing every muscle group.

The workouts are going great! I'm really enjoying them. I've definitely grown.

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