0.0.5 2019-04-03
launched five good reasons men should do cardio article

0.0.4 2019-03-26
launched bodyweight workouts for men and women
launched official newsletter sign-up
set up live chat on the website to help out some more

0.0.3 2019-02-13
launched rock solid six-pack ab super guide
added final rose logo
set up twitter, instagram, pinterest, facebook accounts

0.0.2 beta 2019-02-05
launched protein powder article
gathered opinions on logo with Facebook poll

0.0.1 beta 2019-01-9

Added some basic pages, privacy/terms/conditions/editorial guidelines
Installed some basic plugins and stock theme
added contact page, set up some plugins to improve speed, added early version of the logo, updated the theme design a bit
added draft about page, added some mugshots of us, improved the typefaces
set-up email newsletter account, installed drip, improving about us origin story