• Maybe you hate forms (like me). The point of these questions is to understand where you currently are, where you'd like to be (in detail), and how you'd like to get there.

    The more detail you include, the more I can personalize the program for you. That will lead to the best results.

    PS I am asking for your mailing address so I can send a few things over that will help with your results.

  • Your Goals

  • Be as specific as possible with your vision, and it helps to use real numbers in terms of changes. (You can even link to a photo of your ideal body or inspiration.)
  • If you don't know—that's okay. But sometimes we might instinctively know when something keeps coming up in our life.
  • Tell us about yourself

  • How many hours do you sleep at night, what time do you go to bed, and do you "sleep in" on the weekend?
  • You don't need to answer this if you feel it is too private. But many prescription medications can cause muscle loss, stubborn fat gain, etc. and it could be helpful information as we work together.
  • Working out

  • You can skip this if you go to a public gym with everything you need (barbells, free weights, squat cages, etc.)
  • What programs have you tried in the past? Did any program work particularly well? Did any program disagree with you?
  • Nutrition

  • Allergies? Food intolerances? Any restrictions?
  • Wrap-Up

  • You can leave this blank if you think we've covered everything.
  • This is pretty standard but it's important to bring up. You must take full responsibility for your health and your own needs. We aren't licenced medical professionals. This coaching cannot replace the advice of a medical professional. It is your responsibility to talk to a medical professional before, during, and after seeking coaching. So everything we provide is only information. By being coached, you agree to full responsibility for your decisions and to hold harmless Outlive, its employees, and any affiliate companies from liability with any injuries to you or your property with your use of any information discussed.