Free Assessment

Nobody likes the feeling stuck and not knowing what the next step is.

You might know what your end goal is, but perhaps you're not sure what to do to get there.

Or you might feel stuck deciding between competing goals if you want to be both leaner but more muscular.

We're testing out an idea to see if we can help people get clear about their next steps. Something that might take us only a few minutes to respond to might help someone save months—maybe even years—of frustration.

So we're testing this idea out. It's free for as long as we can reasonably continue to provide the service, so we may need to shut this down. So definitely take advantage quickly if you're interested.

What you'll get

Once you complete the form below, we'll respond pretty quickly with our assessment. Usually within 24-48 hours.

Interested to get started?

To give you an accurate assessment, send a photo of your front shot and a back shot. You can crop out your face if you'd like. We only use these photos to provide an accurate assessment. Here are what mine looked like, but you can simply use your phone and a bathroom mirror if you'd like.

My before photos

  • Please enter a value between 18 and 100.
  • Tell us about your goals

  • Be as specific as possible. You can even link to your ideal body or inspiration.
  • You can skip this part if you want, but it helps us to get a clearer idea of what you're after
  • Tell us about yourself

  • How many hours do you sleep at night, what time do you go to bed, and do you "sleep in"?
  • Working out

  • You can skip this if you go to a public gym with everything you need (barbells, free weights, squat cages, etc.)
  • Please tell us about your current diet and training program in detail.
  • Full-Body Photos

    We don't need fancy photos—just *clear* photos.