Marilyn Monroe and Her Bizarre Eating Habits

The “bizarre eating habits” that Marilyn Monroe and the top golden-era bodybuilders had in common

On Twitter, by random chance, I came across a neat little scan of a 1952 interview with Marilyn Monroe. It was titled “A set of Bizarre Eating Habits.”

Marilyn Monroe Bizarre Eating Habits Steak Liver Raw Eggs

  • Breakfast: Warmed up milk with two raw eggs—stirred with a fork
  • Dinner: Broiled steak, lamb chops, or liver—eaten with 4-5 raw carrots

Then she had the occasional hot fudge sundae for an “indulgence.”

What’s amazing about this breakfast of hers is that I’ve been doing something similar for my own breakfast and post-workout shake.

I picked it up from arguably the best golden-era trainer, Vince Gironda, who once trained Arnold for a bit and all of the big movie stars.

I’ve added kefir to the recipe because my government forbids me from buying raw milk.

Post-workout raw egg shake:

  • 4-6 raw pastured eggs 
  • Dash of strawberry kefir (probiotics likely increase testosterone/testicle size, 2014 study)
  • A cup of grass-fed whole milk
  • Splash of maple syrup

Marilyn Monroe, Rocky, and all the top bodybuilders were drinking raw eggs as a quick, tasty, and cheap breakfast. 

Maybe raw eggs were *the* thing in 1950s California. Maybe not.

Still, I couldn’t help but marvel at the quality of her diet, especially from 70 years ago, and especially one that she could prepare in a hotel room.

  • Ultra-quick, 100% unprocessed and high protein breakfast
  • High protein-to-energy ratio dinner
  • Occasional beef liver—full of vitamin A and copper for perfect skin and hair health
  • Eggs, dairy, meat and veggies—nice

Anyways, I’ve been testing out a “size” workout modelled after some of the greats from the pre-steroid golden-era of lifting. My members testing it out said they’re loving it.

“I feel like I’m walking around with a permanent pump. By the time it starts to subside, I just hit it hard again.”

“First week is down: and feeling very sore, especially around collar bones (pecs). All in all, it’s lots of fun and I can see that 2 kbs, 2 dbs (with plate loading) and a pullup bar are enough.”

“The scale is up, around 176-177 in the morning! And I feel like I can see my pecs getting bigger. Which sounds crazy, and I tell myself that, but it sure feels like I’m getting bigger in just 2 weeks.”

These new size workouts are just in beta, so if you want to try them out, join the True Gains program, and I’ll get them over to you. One of the best things about them is that they only take 40-45 minutes and leave you with a serious pump.

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