Men's No Equipment Bodyweight Workout

Men's No Equipment Bodyweight Workout + Outlive Playbook

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Designed for men who want to build a masculine and aesthetic physique at home without any equipment.

Five days a week of challenging workouts with two progressive phases—lasting 8 weeks in total.

Combine this workout with good nutrition to build muscle without getting fatter, or even building muscle while getting leaner—all without needing any special equipment.

With bodyweight workouts, the hardest part is the inability to incrementally increase weight as with traditional weightlifting. To make up for this limitation, we use progressive volume, exercise variation, taking specific sets to failure, and training frequency to maximize results.

Free Gift: The Outlive Playbook which includes over 100+ tips on nutrition, meal timing, sleep, macronutrient portions, burning fat, building muscle, consitency, and much more.

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What's inside?

The Workouts

Men's Bodyweight Workouts

  • Five days a week (high frequency improves rep quality, which improves results, while shortening workouts.)
  • Two phases with each phase lasting 4 weeks (8 weeks total.)
  • Progressive volume with a deload on the start of the new phase, and an overreach on week 4. Increasing the amount of work (volume) causes the muscles to grow, even without access to traditional weights.
  • Circuits to improve work capacity and cardiovascular health without reducing strength gains (also shortens workouts.)
  • Challenging enough for results without being beaten down and suffering a lack of gains due to overtraining.
  • Every exercise has alternatives you can select so you can go through the program again, should you want to, while keeping things fresh.
  • Learn how to test your true strength and the workout will tell you which exercises to bring to failure.
  • Choose your "finisher" isolation exercises for your most stubborn (or favourite) areas to end the workout.
  • Links to our favourite demonstration videos for every exercise.

The aim of the workouts

Men's Bodyweight Workouts

The lifting program is full-body and designed to build size for a manly and aesthetic body. Even though you'll see growth everywhere (including the legs), the bulk of the work is weighted towards building:

  • A wide and muscular back
  • Broad, cannonball shoulders
  • A developed lower and upper chest

Then you can choose your own "Hollywood" finisher exercises to end your workout. Choose from a recommended drop-down list based on your individual goals:

    • Stronger and more athletic abs and obliques
    • Direct arm work (triceps, biceps)
    • Additional shoulder work
    • Neck size and strength (more often seen in athletics)

Limited time August 2020: ask questions & get responses

Ask Questions

These workouts have been refined over one year. But you can help us develop our FAQs by asking questions by leaving a comment. We'll respond to every question.

Product Details

  • Instant and lifetime access.
  • Access to the program dashboard (with your next steps.)
  • Access to the workouts as Google Spreadsheets (can be downloaded as an Excel or PDF via Google Spreadsheets.)
  • Designed in a way that the workouts are friendly to print (should you prefer.)
  • Last updated: May 4, 2020, version 0.2.0

Free Gift:
The Outlive Playbook

125 Tips

Over 125+ plays to put into action

Sneak Peek

This is a quick 18-page guide that goes over some powerful "plays" to put into action immediately. Unlike our more extensive programs, we don't go deep into the "whys" and "how" things work.

  • Three simple "routes" to get into fat-burning mode.
  • Four simple "routes" to get into bulk mode without gaining extra fat while you build muscle.
  • The simple trick at night to help you sleep better, make your face (and eyes) more attractive (over the years), and lower the chances of getting sick.
  • The five types of sunlight needed to reach elite-level performance. (Vitamin D levels correlate with testosterone levels, and there's more benefits to the sun than just vitamin D.)
  • The best (and most delicious) way to increase your Coenzyme Q10 levels (helps with heart health, fertility, young skin, and exercise performance.)
  • Timing tricks to match food to your hormones to increase gains, limit fat gain, and improve health.

Product Details

  • Instant and lifetime access.
  • Download as a PDF
  • Last updated: May 4, 2020, version 0.1.0

40+ users. Here's how Steven did.

"Thanks so much for making that program available, it was just what I needed when I couldn't go to the gym. I started at a flimsy 170lbs, after losing about 10lbs since December. And I gained a solid 5lbs! I wish I had some before/after pics for you, but I wasn't that on the ball at the beginning.

Now that I can get to the gym, I found that my strength was almost exactly where I left off 5 months ago. (Except with pull-ups. there's going to be some re-building there...) The no-equipment routine was able to get me right back to where I was for benching and rows."

The team behind the workouts

About the Team

Our team launched Bony to Beastly in 2011, and Bony to Bombshell in 2012. We've since helped nearly 10,000 men and women.

You can check out some reviews written about Bony to Beastly on 3rd party sites:

We know how to overbuild our programs in a way that they'll work for even the most stubborn of bodies (while reaping extra results for those with normal genetics.)

Marco is the head of programming all of the Outlive workouts.

  • Marco has an Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences (BHSc)
  • is a certified personal trainer
  • has numerous certifications as he continues to stay updated on nutrition, postural restoration, and more
  • has worked one-on-one with many Olympians and professional athletes
  • has gained over 63 pounds on his 6'3 frame (191cm).
Marco after gaining over 60 pounds.