Barbell Cost In 2022—7 Examples

What’s the price of an Olympic barbell these days (especially during inflation)? It depends. Barbells come in a lot of different types, materials, coatings, bearings, and quality.

Let’s take a look at a few examples—all prices are in USD.

  1. Barbell for Olympic Lifting
  2. Powerlifting / Power Barbell
  3. Deadlift Barbell
  4. Best Barbell For The Garage Gym
  5. Women’s Olympic Barbell
  6. Best Barbell In The World
  7. The Barbell I Bought & Why

Olympic Lifting Barbell

Barbell For Olympic Lifting

If you’ll be doing classic Olympic lifts like the snatch or the clean, you’ll need an Olympic barbell that ‘s—well—designed for Olympic lifting. These are also the kinds of barbells used in CrossFit gyms.

Barbells made for Olympic lifting:

  • Have mild knurling—this is less abrasive.
  • They don’t have the centre knurling for barbell squats
  • The marks in the knurling are placed for Olympic lifts
  • Have a high-degree of whip/flex
  • Usually are a bit thinner
  • Usually, higher-end bearings with a more viscous lubricant for better spinning

Recommendations for Olympic Bars:

Powerlifting Barbell

Powerlifting/Power Barbell

A powerlifting barbell is designed for squatting, deadlifting, and pressing. That means these bars have no or minimal whip/flexibility.

They usually have more solid knurling (grip) and have the center knurling to help when doing barbell back squats.

Power bars are great all-around barbells.


rogue-ohio-powerQualityRogue Ohio Power Bar—Black Zinc305

Deadlift Barbell
Eric Cressey lifting 600 pounds for 3 reps. Look at that barbell flex.

Deadlift Barbell

Deadlift barbells have a high level of flexibility/whip. 

This allows you to get ever-so-slightly higher as the weight comes off the ground, helping you to pull heavier weights. 

They also don’t have the center knurling used for squatting.

The deadlift barbell will usually have more aggressive knurling to help with grip.


deadlift-bar-rogueQualityRogue Ohio Deadlift Bar—Black Zinc390

Garage Gym at Home Stainless Steel Barbell

Best Barbell For The Garage Gym—Stainless Steel

If you’re going to lift in the garage, your barbell is going to face the issue of moisture and oxidation. 

This is especially true if where you live has high levels of humidity, you live near the ocean, or the garage goes through big temperature swings between seasons (like in the North.)

In those cases, a garage gym usually means you’ll be cleaning rust off your barbell at some point—unless you opt-out and buy a stainless steel barbell.

The biggest problem with stainless steel is that it’s more expensive. A smaller downside is that they look pretty plain. Otherwise, they make excellent barbells and are especially fitting for the garage gym.


Women's Olympic Barbell

Women’s Olympic Barbell

Women’s Olympic barbells are:

  • 15kg heavy. This makes them 5kgs lighter (about 11 pounds lighter) than the heavier men’s Olympic barbell. 
  • They’re also 3mm less thick to grab, and about 7″ less long. 
  • They still fit the traditional Olympic weight plates, but the overall size of the barbell is proportionally designed for women. 


Eleiko Weightlifting Competition Barbell

Best Barbell In The World—Eleiko IWF Competition Bar

Arguably the best barbell in the world is the Eleiko IWF Weightlifting Competition Bar, and it can be yours for only $1,100 dollars 😉

  • Certified to be used on a competition stage, such as during the Olympics
  • the precision needle bearings are dust-proofed for longevity
  • lifetime warranty
  • the bar is coated with elastic chrome
  • It’s freely made in Sweden

Runner up:

Rogue Westside Power Barbell

The Barbell I Bought & Why

After a lot of research, I decided to buy the Rogue Westside Power Bar 2.0. It sells today for $370 USD.

  • It looks badass. It comes with a blank zinc finish, and has visible bronze bushings. Black zinc is decent against oxidation. It’s not as good against rust as stainless, but I lift in the basement and not the garage.
  • It has no whip—great for a variety of lifts.
  • It has an aggressive knurling pattern—great for deadlifts (even if it has no whip).
  • It’s ever so slightly thicker—making it have a very high tensile rating at 205k.
  • Like almost every Rogue product—it’s made freely in the USA.

As a regular guy lifting weights at home in a heated basement who only wanted one barbell, I needed a barbell that could handle everything—squats, deadlifts, benching, overhead press, etc—which is why I decided to get the Power Bar with the centre knurling and no whip.

This Rogue Westside barbell is the best barbell I’ve ever used—better than the barbells I’ve used at every gym I’ve ever trained at over the past twelve years of lifting weights.

What do you think? Which barbell piques your interest?

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