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The brand New, Permanent, & healthy way to lose the belly while building curves

It doesn’t matter how many diets you've tried, programs you’ve bought, or how many times you’ve failed.

You can lose your gut and build curves, and be the most attractive, fittest, and vibrant woman in the room.

There is a new way to do this. You don't need to calorie count. You don't need to starve yourself.

You will be able to melt all the stubborn fat after establishing a few key principles in terms of diet, lifestyle, and your environment.

The same principles that resolve the stubborn fat will free up your ability to build natural curves.

In the new, groundbreaking Stubborn Fat Fix For Women program, every woman can lose inches off of their waist—permanently.

In the next 12 weeks, you’ll say goodbye to the belly for good and become the best possible version of yourself.

What do you do when the love handles, the belly, and stubborn fat just won't go away?

What do you do when nothing ever works?

My name is Jared. After becoming a dad, I hit my mid-thirties, and despite doing everything "right" as a strength and fitness coach, I was slowly gaining a layer of fat on my belly. My strength in the gym plateaued.

I've felt frustrated for years.

I tried counting calories. I tried playing with macros. I tried eating "clean." I tried doing cardio. I tried ab circuits. I even tried sweat belts. (Seriously, I tried it all.)

Then, I finally found a new way that melted stubborn fat. AND IT WAS PERMANENT.

I found it while digging through over 1,000 scientific papers about diet, exercise, and INFLAMMATION.

After writing a lot about this concept on the Outlive newsletter, I kept getting emails from women asking me to create a program for them.

This program is the culmination of everything I've learned to flattening the belly and getting your energy back.

If there's anything I can teach you right now, it's that word—inflammation.

Women & Chronic Inflammation

After making changes to my life to reduce inflammation, the gut was melting away. And it didn't even take ongoing effort. It was happening all without me doing anything extra.

The best part is I felt like a new person. It was like someone brought me back ten years in terms of energy. Joint and back pain was gone too.

What is this new way?

Everyone is focused on starving themselves by playing with calories to lose the gut. Eating less is actually making the problem of stubborn fat worse.

Researchers have found that stubborn fat, like love handles, fat around the belly, and fat around the neck, is not tied to too many calories.

Is Stubborn Fat Real?

Stubborn fat has a name. It's called deep, superficial subcutaneous fat. It's been well-detailed in research.

Deep stubborn fat

The deep fat has larger "fat globules" and the shape is more irregular. It is harder to use for energy, which is why we've naturally called it "stubborn."

Here's an image from a 2013 review covering the same "deep" fat.

Stubborn Deep Fat

This stubborn, deep fat is tied to something called "chronic inflammation."

Researchers at the US National Institutes of Health write that chronic inflammation is tied directly to heart disease and diabetes.

Our body packs away fat around our organs to help protect them. So the fat stores around our gut—the liver, kidneys, and our thyroid (neck fat). This is called visceral fat. The deep fat acts as a "bridge" to the visceral fat.

So the stubborn belly, the love handles, and the back rolls—that's not a calorie problem.

The problem is that your body is inflamed. It's being irritated by many things.

Every single day it's being irritated, and you get a tiny little bit more stubborn fat.

You don't wake up one day with full-blown heart disease.

It starts off like a little drip of water into a pan. Drip by drip.

Imagine your body is sending a little crew of firefighters to go put out the flames of inflammation in your body.

They're already overworked, and the flames are overtaking everything.

Now imagine trying to exercise more. All you did was pour gasoline onto the flames. You get achy, you get tired, and a lot of women will catch a cold once they start trying to exercise more.

Resolve Inflammation To Burn Stubborn Fat & Gain Muscle

Once I resolved my inflammation, my body was now happy to lean out at the belly and gain strength.

To beat inflammation, your body needs MORE nutrients—not less.

It needs MORE vitamins, MORE minerals, MORE peptides, MORE enzymes, etc.

This is why when someone does a diet and shrinks their calorie intake, they might temporarily be able to burn off fat (they are starving, after all).

But they will crack. Maybe they catch a cold, maybe they're so tired they throw in the towel, maybe one day they can't control themselves, and they straight up binge.

When that happens, all that stubborn fat will come back.

And it'll be even worse than before.

Why? Because the inflammation got worse during the weeks that they just starved their body.

This is why people who are so obsessed with dieting and cutting calories just get fatter and fatter over the years.

So the new solution is to stop focusing on calories and instead focus on fighting inflammation.

Resolving inflammation resolves stubborn fat.

Resolving inflammation makes your whole body work better, and now you can get strong and muscular.

Every Woman Can Benefit From Less Inflammation

The amazing news is that anybody can do this.

As a coach, every day, I hear from women saying things like:

"I'm tired of the back rolls and the belly. But I would like as much curves as my frame can give me."

Or things like this:

"I'm trying to fix is finding a diet and exercise program for losing belly fat that doesn't mess with my hormones. At my age, fertility is a concern, and I want to be fit and look good without damaging my health."

Everyone can easily put these principles into action to stop the inflammation in their body, which will fix the back rolls and the belly.

They just need a game plan on how to combat inflammation.

The best part is that reversing inflammation is healthy and safe.

Anything that reverses inflammation, by definition, is reversing heart disease and diabetes.

You don't even need to take my word for it. The entire guide is all sourced and referenced with peer-reviewed studies produced by researchers who are all experts in their fields.

Every morning I'd read new studies about combatting inflammation, then I'd test it out in my own life.

The belly kept flattening. Oddly, I started noticing benefits elsewhere.

My skin was clearing up and becoming smooth and stretchy.

I later found out by reading more research that things like cellulite and skin wrinkling were caused by "collagen degradation" due to inflammation.

So I knew I had to get the word out. And that's what this program is.

It's the new way of solving belly fat and will help build curves by improving targeted fat storage and through lower-body-heavy workouts to improve glute strength.

It *will* work, no matter what you've tried in the past.

Workouts Designed By A Trainer To Olympians

This system also includes a simple but effective lifting workout to pack on muscle fast—primarily in the lower body like the glutes.

I teamed up with Marco Walker-Ng, who's got a degree in Health Sciences. Better than that, he's coached female Rugby Olympians and interned with two of the world's greatest sports trainers (one trains the New York Yankees.) He helped me and my business partner Shane Duquette originally pack on muscle fast.

Not only did Marco and I create the world's best program to lose the stubborn belly PERMANENTLY while building curves—

It's the ONLY program that teaches this method.

The Only Program Of It's Kind

You can't get a guide like this anywhere else. I'm not repackaging someone's rehashed program.

I spent years searching through PubMed (an online database of published research) myself and then experimenting. I read thousands of studies published over the past hundred years. Anything that works got added to this easy-to-follow system.

I've been teaching how to combat inflammation to get results like this for years now, and I still haven't seen a single fitness coach or influencer talking about this new, cutting-edge information.

As a coach for the past twelve years, I've shown over 15,000 people how to get strong, fit, and healthy.

I've compiled everything I know about stubborn belly fat permanently and building muscle into this system I call the Stubborn Fat Fix For Women.

Stop starving yourself by focusing on calories. Instead, give your body the ammo it needs to kill inflammation.

You'll have such a crazy visually impressive body as the waist shrinks and your glutes round out, you'll think it never was possible.

Is this going to be hard?

All change is hard. But, it gets easier as you get used to it. Why?

It's Easier Working With Your Body Instead of Against It

When you start working with your body instead of against it, things get easier. Your body isn't your enemy. It was doing things to protect your life. It is on your side.

You may be shocked at how fast you can lose the belly. Your body doesn't want love handles, either. It just was under such an extreme amount of stress and inflammation it literally couldn't clear that fat away.

Even if you decide that you don't want our gameplan, I want you to remember that the battle is against inflammation.

And because of that—each additional day your body is battling inflammation, the body will pack on more stubborn fat.

I want to invite you to try a new way. The way that's safe because it improves your health. The way that's fastest because it's *permanent.* The way that's easiest because you work with your body instead of against it.

Marco, Shane, and Jared

There’s no second-guessing yourself either because the entire system has been laid out. Inside the program, you’ll learn what the exact steps are to get there.

What to eat
what to avoid
how to enjoy life without undoing your hard work
simple lifestyle/environment changes

Everything you need to do to get optimal results in just 12 weeks.

This isn’t the kind of program where we introduce one tiny little habit each week.

This is a program that attacks the stubborn fat on your stomach and makes your body build healthy curves, by addressing every angle of your life.

You will finally get stellar results because you’ve gone beyond the trite advice of “just eat less and move more.”

Over the next 12 weeks you will lose the belly fat and build new, healthy curves.

How The System Works

Step One Diet

Stop inflammation, and fuel your body, so it can melt stubborn fat

We teach you what we know is causing inflammation in your diet and environment that we've discovered through reading brand new research and then experimenting on ourselves.

Inflammation leads to stubborn fat storage on the belly, back, and neck. Once you cut out the sources of inflammation, your body can begin to rebuild.

Once the body is no longer inflamed, the belly will melt away, no problem.

Marco Coaching A Romanian Deadlift

Build new curves by lifting weights with a lower-body emphasis

Do lifting workouts to help speed up the results.

Lifting weights can help you change your appetite, improves bone density, and melt fat fast.

Your muscles grow most depending on your exercise choice. These workouts are balanced with a bit of extra work for the lower body (butt & thighs)

Do the workouts at home or at the gym—your choice. (We even include a total beginner's bodyweight workout.)

Fit Woman Exercising

Lose the belly-fat for good and look incredible

Every other program we've seen teaches you the *worst* way to lose belly-fat—through controlled starvation.

Depending on your capacity for suffering, this will only work temporarily and makes you look gaunt in the face and you'll likely catch a cold by the end of it. Then you'll regain the belly as you begin to eat again.

When you solve the stubborn gut through destroying inflammation, you will become radically healthy in all areas of your life and look and feel incredible.

We’ll be exercising to supercharge your results.

It’s true that you will be able to lose the belly without exercise by putting our diet and lifestyle principles into action.

We had one tester of this program lose 4" off of her belly without exercising at all.

But if you want to build an EXCEPTIONALLY CURVY physique, you’ll need to challenge your muscles with weights.

We have a beginner's workout you can do with no equipment at all, that you can do in the privacy of your own home.

If you want even better results, you can buy a couple of adjustable dumbbells. (Or join a gym, your choice).

You’ll also get our brand new food guide that makes everything food-related dead-simple. You won’t need to guess about what to eat to finally get the flat stomach you’re looking for. With this plan, you’ll be losing belly-fat without even trying.


Stubborn Fat Fix For Women Program

The Stubborn Fat Fix For Women GuideWe'll teach you why you have the belly, what the fix is, and then every single proven way to put it into action. Then, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about building natural curves.

Workouts—12 WeeksDo them at home or at the gym. 100% optimized workout plan to add curves quickly and safely while simultaneously melting off stubborn fat. Includes an optional cardio plan for those who want to radically improve their fitness.

Food Mastery Guide A detailed nutrition guide is included. Includes everything you'll need to know including what to eat, what to avoid, how to save time buying/prepping food, how to fix your gut health, how to eat out without undoing your hard work, and more. Not only is this way of eating healthy, it's delicious.

exercise demonstration playlistMarco and I are both certified trainers, and Marco has studied under the world’s best trainers (one is the head of player development at the New York Yankees). We include our favourite videos on how to do every single exercise like a pro. Even if you’re brand new to exercising, you’ll be a master by the end.

Coaching in the private Women's communityGet access to us in the members coaching forum. Ask any question you have and get feedback. Nobody gets left behind. With the coaching community, we can help tailor the program perfectly to you. Detail your progress, get support, and share your wins.

bonuses: how to Get flawless Skin & The Science of Pelvic Floor HealthTake a look at the cutting-edge research and practical tips for skin quality, collagen production, and improving pelvic floor health.

I spent the last twelve years coaching others and reading new published research daily to develop these skills and methods.

Money is a tool you use to trade with others to get things for yourself.

I am here to teach you everything I know, and distill all of it into a single program that walks you through the entire process from start to finish.

That way it won't take you 12 years of full-time experimentation to find out how—you can simply buy this knowledge.
(It's an incredible trade.)

Today, you can invest in yourself to finally get rid of the gut, be strong, and look amazing:

Developed by a team trusted by over 15,000+ clients.

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Frequently asked questions


There are a million good-sounding reasons why you could decide to do nothing today.

Too risky, right?

Let’s talk about the “risk to reward ratio.”

What’s the potential risk when you've never heard of us?

The risk is buying a program that sucks—and you’re out a hundred bucks.

The potential reward is:

  • losing belly-fat—for good
  • not feeling bloated and "doughey"
  • overcoming your insecurities by looking and feeling better
  • get all the added benefits from better fitness and less inflammation—better skin, thicker hair, sexual health, natural attraction, etc.

You aren't the first woman we've helped. Let me relay on a few stories from those who have already taken the leap and reaped the rewards.

Dorit Testimonial

Dorit H.

Five Stars
I've tried a lot of different workout programs over the past 15 years, everything from hiring a personal trainer at the gym to working out at home with internet videos.

What I haven't seen before and what I love about Outlive's program is that it is science and information-backed.

No other workout has targeted the problem areas of the lower body quite like Outlive's. It's what I've been looking for for years. Not to mention the support and accountability that Jared provides.

Amy L.

Five Stars
I feel better and can see more muscle as time goes on. I can tell I am stronger by carrying the plates at the gym


Five Stars
You can definitely share the pictures and use my name. Awesome, it's great to see the side by side comparison. I have a hard time seeing and appreciating any change in my physical appearance on a day to day basis so this feels good. I do see/feel a difference in my skin as well.

Looking forward to the next phases! Thanks Jared!!

Leila Tomasone

Leila Tomasone—

Five Stars
I had a great experience with the original outlive program. It was the first time I received detailed information about following a protein-to-energy diet. All of the illustrations and tools Outlive provided made it so easy to make good food choices on a regular basis. I was able to cut through the noise and confusion about nutrition and dieting. I’m usually prone to overthinking about nutrition until I give up even trying to eat healthy. So the Outlive approach and obviously-well-researched protocols gave me the peace of mind to stick with the plan.

The exercise information and assistance I was provided was unparalleled. The workout programs are easy to follow and you always follow through with practical advice on how to apply to real-life. When injuries or life get in the way, it is very helpful to have an expert (Jared) to call on. I appreciated how thoroughly Jared responded to any questions I had.

Amy S.

Five Stars
I'm definitely noticing some positive physical changes in myself. My legs have more muscle and seem slimmer. I should have taken "before" measurements.

Allison Corrette

Allison Corrette

Five Stars
I wasn’t exactly a seasoned lifter when I started working with Jared. I had been following a male friend around the gym for just about a year or so prior. Copying his routine as he worked through a program that was geared towards men. While it did set some quality foundational knowledge and technique, I learned quickly that not all programs work for every person and every body type.

When I started Jared’s Outlive program, he not only set me up for success based on my current body type and my goals, but he explained the “why” and “how” for each aspect of the program. He clearly explained what exercises work what muscle group and how doing them correctly will push me towards my body goals.

I had goals of burning fat but was concerned with muscle loss along the way. In less than 3 months working the program with Jared, I had lost 5% of my body fat without losing any muscle, in fact I gained muscle along the way. The lifting program was fun to work through and he was open to still letting me mix things up since I had certain exercises that I just didn’t want to do without (even if they didn’t exactly align with my goals).

It’s exhausting reading through all these fitness bloggers online, but Jareds different in the way that he backs all of his recommendations with solid scientific study based evidence. Highly recommend!

Stubborn Fat Fix For Women Program

The Stubborn Fat Fix For Women Guide

Workouts—12 Weeks

Food Mastery Guide 

exercise demonstration playlist

Coaching in the private community

bonus 1: how to Get Flawless Skin

bonus 2: the science of Pelvic Floor Health For Women

Developed by a team trusted by over 15,000+ clients.

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Four monthly payments of