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Here are some photos of guys going through the Outlive programs. We asked for their permission to share their photos.

Skinny-Fat to Shredded Six Pack Abs

Skinny Fat To shredded Transformation

"It's real fun! I was sore all last week. A coworker playfully patted on my pec the day after chest and triceps, and I almost cried hahaha."

"I love that I take an hour at most from start to finish. My arms are really feeling it. Thanks again."


Skinny Fat Transformation

Skinny Fat To Fit Transformation

"It's all thanks to your guidance - I'm in disbelief that I was able to shed my skinny fat-ness while still remaining fit."

"Thank you again - I wouldn't have been able to approach fitness in a holistic and balanced manner if it wasn't for your guidance. Honestly, it's opened my eyes up to just living a healthier life of moderation. Cheers,"


Best Skinny-Fat Transformation

Fat To fit Transformation

"I was kind of surprised by the side-by-side comparisons myself. I feel great about the progress!"

"You gave me the direction. I just followed it."


Skinny-Fat Body Transformation

Fat To skinny to fit Transformation

Haha wow, I hadn't put the pictures side-by-side like that.  Really makes the differences stand out.

Still going strong!  The scale continues to go down. Strength continues to go up for the primary lifts.


Before And After Transformation Bodybuilding Recomp

Thin To FIT Transformation

Steve was a classic skinny guy. After graduating college he was still 135 pounds. He managed to pack on 50 pounds all by himself. Pretty crazy if you ask me.

But things got busy. Between work and his growing family, it was becoming challenging for Steve to carve out the time for lifting anymore. Steve wasn't in bad shape, but after a few years of being inactive, he wanted to model something better and get back into lifting.

The cool thing is that he managed to casually shed off 7 pounds of fat, a lot of that from the waist. At the same time, he packed on another inch of pure muscle to his shoulder circumference and an inch onto his arms. No doubt he lost a lot more than 7 pounds of fat, given his size gains and how much stronger he is now. The numbers don't really matter anyways.

He looks great. He's feeling strong. He's found a way to stay fit.

"It's nice to know that progress is possible even when I have to take time off from lifting occasionally too."


Skinny Body Transformation and Building Muscle and Burning Fat Fast

skinny fat to fit Transformation

"My biggest goal was to get rid of the little love handles and small belly fat and also growing every muscle group."

"The workouts are going great! I'm really enjoying them. I've definitely grown."

other jared

Outlive Reviews

Are The Programs Worth it?


Max A.

First, the diet - I actually ended up really focusing on eating whole foods and getting away from processed stuff as much as possible. I did not calorie count. I just paid attention to my hunger. I felt great and was less stressed knowing I didn't need the mental effort to calorie count each meal. I just made sure I was eating healthy, whole foods at every meal and snack. I felt great and my abs started to show more definition than I've had in a long time.

As for the Size Mode workouts of Outlive, I've never done a program [like this] before and really felt it after week 1. I made sure to add weight each week and get close to failure and because of that I can see the progress I made. My shoulder girdle looks better and stronger after one month - very pleased with how the program went.

With the Size Mode workouts and my change in diet, I feel and look better than I did in my 20's and I'm excited to keep it going!

I had a great experience with the original outlive program. It was the first time I received detailed information about following a protein-to-energy diet. All of the illustrations and tools Outlive provided made it so easy to make good food choices on a regular basis. I was able to cut through the noise and confusion about nutrition and dieting. I’m usually prone to overthinking about nutrition until I give up even trying to eat healthy. So the Outlive approach and obviously-well-researched protocols gave me the peace of mind to stick with the plan.

The exercise information and assistance I was provided was unparalleled. The workout programs are easy to follow and you always follow through with practical advice on how to apply to real-life. When injuries or life get in the way, it is very helpful to have an expert (Jared) to call on. I appreciated how thoroughly Jared responded to any questions I had.

Nathan Review

Nathan Timmerman, San Diego, California

As a 31 year old father of four little kids and a busy hospital project manager, the program has improved both my overall health and the health of my family. The lifestyle swaps has increased my daily energy level, reduced my belly chub, and has gotten me started increasing muscle. The all-natural approach is a breath of fresh air in today's quickfix fitness industry.

The ebbs and flows of life makes prioritizing health difficult, but the program has helped me integrate a series of improvements that refined my health approach in ways that I would never have discovered otherwise. My only critique: when are you offering this for women so my wife can join? Thanks Jared for all community and coaching that Outlive offers!

Other Jared

"Other" Jared

I’ve been casually lifting weights since fall of 2015, when I was 18. I’d never lifted weights before that, so I got a beginner’s program. From what I could tell,  the program was nice, especially since it was 3 days of fully-body workouts.

From that program, I gained weight, which I thought was sweet, especially since I was so skinny beforehand. What I didn’t realize was that I’d gained so much more fat than muscle. I’d gained a pretty big belly, which was a first in my life.

Fast forward several years, I remember finding out about Outlive. I bought the program, read it, but didn’t apply the knowledge. About August 2020, Jared sent out an email about pyramid training. I was intrigued and emailed him back telling him as much. He emailed me back telling me he’d be willing to coach me and personally show me the roadmap to better health.

I guess here’s where the real review comes. Through True Gains, I’ve been able to get in the best shape of my life. From True Gains, I‘ve learned how to lose fat, aka my belly and love handles, build muscle at the same time, and conquer lifting plateaus. On top of that, I’ve learned that I don’t need to spend a ton of time in the gym to see results. Since I’ve joined True Gains, I’ve accomplished more with lifting than I had before.

Nathan S.

I've been consistently exercising for about the past 5 years, and have done several different programs.  True Gains has been the only program that I've found that both (a) takes a wholistic approach to health and fitness with solid advice on manageable diet info and (b) delivers consisten results through well-designed workouts that won't leave you stuck in the gym for hours on end.  Great work!

Allison Corrette

Allison Corrette

I wasn’t exactly a seasoned lifter when I started working with Jared. I had been following a male friend around the gym for just about a year or so prior. Copying his routine as he worked through a program that was geared towards men. While it did set some quality foundational knowledge and technique, I learned quickly that not all programs work for every person and every body type.

When I started Jared’s Outlive program, he not only set me up for success based on my current body type and my goals, but he explained the “why” and “how” for each aspect of the program. He clearly explained what exercises work what muscle group and how doing them correctly will push me towards my body goals.

I had goals of burning fat but was concerned with muscle loss along the way. In less than 3 months working the program with Jared, I had lost 5% of my body fat without losing any muscle, in fact I gained muscle along the way. The lifting program was fun to work through and he was open to still letting me mix things up since I had certain exercises that I just didn’t want to do without (even if they didn’t exactly align with my goals).

It’s exhausting reading through all these fitness bloggers online, but Jareds different in the way that he backs all of his recommendations with solid scientific study based evidence. Highly recommend!

Justin Pease

I enjoy lifting weights and bulking up. I was always a skinny kid and lacked confidence. After 40 I started to feel the effects of my health decisions. I feel it more when I don’t eat well, or get enough sleep. I like Jared’s overall health approach to weight gaining. Even if you're younger and don’t realize it, your health choices will catch up with you. Bulk, up! Be healthy. Get True Gains.

Michael A.

I love the True Gains program!  It's my go-to for sound, practical advice that's not the "same old" you'll read anywhere else.  I personally have some skinny-fat / postural issues and the info here really helped me out with that.  Likewise, the nutritional info was solid - nothing gimmicky and very doable.

Cody Harper, 35 years old

The Outlive program is almost like having a personal trainer.  The staff is there every step of the way. Having muscle doesn’t mean one is healthy, there are plenty of big and unhealthy guys.  Outlive is about teaching one to thrive and be happy in their body.  The program has taught me a lot.  It is well developed, researched, and taught. I eat a mostly vegan diet, and although the Outlive program recommends consuming meat, the staff is there to help adapt.

Dorit Testimonial

Dorit H.

I've tried a lot of different workout programs over the past 15 years, everything from hiring a personal trainer at the gym to working out at home with internet videos.

What I haven't seen before and what I love about Outlive's program is that it is science and information-backed.

No other workout has targeted the problem areas of the lower body quite like Outlive's. It's what I've been looking for for years. Not to mention the support and accountability that Jared provides.


Wade A.

Trying to build more muscle and not get too fat around stomach like I normally do with previous training. After 8 weeks into actually doing the program, I feel and see the difference, much more toned and looking forward to gaining more results.

If anyone were skinny fat I would thoroughly recommend this program to them. I spent hours in the gym before and got nowhere. I spend less time in the gym for better results.

I am truly impressed and wish at 64 years I knew about it and committed to it earlier but the main thing is it still works for my age group.

I have been part of their personal training program for five years now, and I can tell you that as a physician, I fully support what they are doing. They have evidence base exercises and health tips that I commonly incorporate into my practice.

Just as an FYI, I am not getting any payment if you sign up for their programs. I personally have been using them and I find it well worth the investment for my health. I want my patients to know what I use myself and what I recommend.

Niels S.

I enjoyed the Outlive program. My goal was to feel fitter, more agile and gain some muscles, because I felt becoming weaker in the years with my fulltime desk job. I saw some results and also felt fitter with Outlive, which was great!

In the mean time I have also become a father of a little one, so working out has stopped completely for a while. Now because I see my belly growing and my body feeling weaker again, I can't wait to get back to working out. The new program seems like an ideal start for me!

I would recommend it to my skinny or skinny-fat friends, because the program is tailored for our body type unlike most other programs out there and get you great results with some effort. 🙂


Dave K.

As someone who works in marketing, I have a high threshold for B.S. claims. I'm very picky about the programs I join — especially in the health industry.

As a skinny guy, over the years, I've tried so many different programs, coaches, and paid programs to gain weight... and none of them had worked up until I found Bony to Beastly and Outlive.

Jared's no-nonsense, data-backed programs are attainable and achievable for everyone. It doesn't a ton of time, and it still gives amazing results. Over the past few years, thanks in part to Jared's advice I put on 30 lbs of weight and get compliments all the time that I never thought I'd hear about being jacked. He's changed my life.

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