Fat-Burning Trick Through Satiety

How can I trick my body into fat burning?

This is what trips everyone up when it comes to fat loss: satiety.

If you want a shortcut to becoming healthy, lean, and muscular—you can ditch all the calorie counting and just focus on satiety.

Satiety means the process of being satisfied. You get satisfied when your appetite is full.

I’m pretty sure our forefathers didn’t have MyFitnessPal, Weight Watchers, or nutrition information printed on the side of boxed foods, and yet they still found a way to be lean. And super healthy and strong while they were at it.

So what affects satiety?

  • The more minerals you eat in foods, the fuller you are
  • The more vitamins you eat in foods, the fuller you are
  • The more fibre you eat in foods, the fuller you are
  • The more you chew, the fuller you are
  • The more protein you eat, the fuller you are

Unfortunately, our modern world and the diet that comes along with it breaks many of these natural mechanisms of satiety.

Why don’t we feel satisfied anymore after eating?

  • Mineral and vitamins in every fruit and veggie, from 1963 to 2000, has dropped by 50% and continues to drop. (USDA source) This is because it’s expensive to replenish the soil, where the fruits/veggies take up their minerals.
  • We don’t like the “taste” of fibre. We prefer the taste of energy-dense foods, so we prefer the taste of white flour and white rice.
  • Processed foods have already been pre-chewed, in a sense.
  • Protein is expensive today. In the wild, like hunting, meat doesn’t have a monetary cost. But in the supermarket, meat, especially pasture-raised meat, is expensive compared to these foods:

    Chart from Efficiency Is Everything.com
  • Price is the only metric for many shoppers, and improving the stability of food prevents it from spoiling, and that lowers the price. So we do things like remove the wheat germ from the wheat, you know, the part with all the minerals and vitamins like magnesium and vitamin E. Then it’ll last longer on the shelf as white flour.

All of these things create the obesity paradox.

The Obesity Paradox

The obesity paradox is that those who are overweight are actually under-nourished.

They keep having a drive to eat, partly because they’re not full and partly because they’re critically low in nutrients that they need to live.

According to the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, the US population do not meet the daily requirement of many nutrients:

  • 94.3% not getting enough vitamin D
  • 88.5% for vitamin E
  • 52.2% for magnesium
  • 44.1% for calcium
  • 43.0% for vitamin A
  • 38.9% for vitamin C

These are *requirements* for the body to function. Is it any wonder why so many people who are overweight also struggle with chronic diseases?

For the minerals and vitamins that don’t have a requirement value but have an “adequate” recommendation goal from the USDA:

  • 100% didn’t get enough potassium
  • 91.7% for choline
  • 66.9% for vitamin K

Anyways, if you focus on satiety, not only will you get the enjoyment of being full, you’ll get more vitamins and nutrients, allowing you to feel energetic, be pain-free, and feel more like “you.”

You won’t gain extra fat like you do when eating low-satiety processed foods, which allows us to eat more than we should. And you’ll prevent stubborn belly-fat from the building by fighting against heart-disease/diabetes/chronic diseases by getting enough minerals and vitamins.

The simplest way is to simply eat whole, unprocessed foods that you cook yourself at home.

Energy Density And Satiety—Pounds of Food Per Day
Image from Low Energy Diet.com

If you want to know more about how this all works and the step-by-step way to put it into action to become healthier, stronger, and leaner—all at the same time…

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Hope to see you on the other side.

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