Gain 20 Pounds Of Muscle While Burning 20 Pounds Of Fat

six problems That Lead to Fat Gain When bulking & Muscle-Loss When cutting

Jared Polowick

I'm Jared Polowick, and I'm 33 years old—happily married with three kids. And what I'm about to share with you is essential for you to transform your body by becoming bigger, stronger, and leaner—without sacrificing your short and long-term health.

As a dangerously skinny and unhealthy web designer, I spent years in pain with chronic tendonitis in both arms, with a patch missing in my beard. I was so skinny you could see my ribs, but I still had a layer of fat on my belly. Then my roommate Shane and I discovered how to simply and rapidly build lean muscle mass. These same techniques also gave me my health back.

Here I am gaining 27 pounds of lean mass in four months.

Jared Polowick Muscle Building

I became strong, my beard patch filled in, and I cured my tendonitis. Family and friends started complimenting me, saying that I looked great. I finally felt healthy and had tons of energy and strength.

Then, Shane and I teamed up with Marco Walker-Ng, who has a Bachelors in Health Sciences and was working one-on-one with dozens of Olympic and professional-level athletes. He got into personal training because he, too, was previously skinny and put on over 60 pounds of lean mass.

Marco Walker-Ng's Transformation

He helped improve our experiment and bring it to the next level. We turned it into a program, and since then, we've helped transform 10,000+ skinny guys and gals into strong, lean, healthy, and levelled-up versions of themselves.

But after ten years of indoor, sedentary desk work spent coaching others online, my health started to drift.

As I hit my thirties, I was running into new annoying problems. I was beginning to bald a bit. I had dandruff. And worse of all, there was a bit of stubborn belly-fat growing around my belly despite eating the same home-cooked meals and lifting weights year after year like clockwork.

I started to wonder what changed in my lifestyle? I lifted weights three times  a week. I ate 100% home-cooked meals with at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight and lots of veggies. What was going on? I was too young to start declining this way.

When I started to lose sight of my abs, I started thinking that if I became more muscular, that would help keep them. So I decided to bulk—but I gained a ton of fat at my gut. Now I looked sort of fat/chubby, and wasn't feeling so great. That's when I decided to cut and burn off the fat—but then I lost mostly muscle and kept the fat. I was too skinny again.

The endless bulk/cut/bulk/cut loop

I found myself in a new position—I was now smaller and fatter than I wanted to be—I was now skinny-fat. The gym was becoming more and more frustrating. Every time I put in a ton of effort to bulk, I got fatter. And every time I counted calories to burn fat, I just got weaker. Each week I lost a couple of reps on my bench and eventually had to take plates off the bar, and then not too long after, I eventually had to stop cutting because I was getting too weak and tired.

All throughout this time, my business partner was doing the exact same program as me, except he kept getting bigger and leaner and walking with a spring in his step. We used to be roommates, and I know that we were eating similar foods as we used to cook giant bulking meals together.

At first, I thought I had worse genetics. But then I stumbled upon a few things I was still missing in my training, lifestyle, and diet. Funnily enough, once I fixed those, my stubborn belly-fat started melting away, I felt a lot more alive and energetic, and my strength in the gym was skyrocketing so fast it felt like I had newbie gains all over again. I was doing the impossible—gaining muscle while getting leaner—even after lifting weights for many years.

A Few Examples Of Things I Had To Learn:

  • Finding out that boxed foods are legally allowed to be 25% off their stated calories. Unfortunately, they're much *worse* than that in real life, with some foods close to being 50% more calories than listed. That can make you get fat even when you're cutting or make you get super fat while bulking depending on what you eat.
  • Finding out that swapping in certain foods and eating more "non-essential" amino acids can improve health and muscle gain. Everyone tells you to supplement with creatine powder (and we recommend it too), but why? Creatine improves mitochondrial health, allowing us to get more reps in, leading to more muscle. Creatine is made in our body from glycine and arginine—but these "proteins" are considered "non-essential," and so people don't eat enough of the foods that would help their gains skyrocket. I started wondering, would trying to eat foods that contain more glycine, arginine, taurine, and carnitine help me rapidly gain muscle?
  • Finding out that there are ways to feel satisfied and full that isn't related to calories. Food combination, food type, food volume, stomach stretch, chewing, fibre, etc., all impact fullness. You can track calories to the T and feel miserably hungry. You can *not* track calories and feel full while burning fat and building muscle.
  • Finding out that abs aren't solely "revealed" in the kitchen with a calorie deficit—especially as you get older. Stubborn belly-fat covers the abs, and it has very little to do with calorie intake. And instead, it has to do with insulin resistance and the beginning of heart disease, which you can fix with specific training principles and dietary nutrients. The fun thing is focusing on getting abs can make you healthier—but only if you focus on the right things.
  • Finding out that the bros were right and that nutrient timing and the "anabolic window" matters for muscle gain—especially if you're a sedentary desk-worker. A hyperbolic example made this click for me—if you work out but don't eat until the next day, your gains will obviously suffer. So the question is—how much does timing your food matter, and how can we maximize it so we can fuel muscle growth and limit fat gain and health downsides?
  • Finding out that you should get ultra-specific with your training. If you want to build strength, focus on building strength. If you want to build size, focus on building size. If you want to get fit, focus on getting fit. You need to hit a stimulus to adapt—and that can only be done when pushing yourself in each type of training.
  • Finding out that the "experts" whose advice I was following was stupid as they were on illegal and harmful performance-enhancing drugs and didn't have the body, fitness, or focus on health that I wanted. Bodybuilders are fat throughout the year, only to get too lean for a single passing moment on stage—long-term health and fitness be damned. They often cause damage to their bodies with extreme diets and post-show gorging. They eat foods with no care about how it affects their health and energy, because they only care about muscle. I wanted to be lean and muscular year-round with great fitness and health without tracking calories—like an athlete, not a bodybuilder.

After discovering these new principles (and many more), our team now teaches them to regular guys so they can break out of their plateau and become their strongest and healthiest version of themselves, while also burning off 20 pounds of pure fat to  see their abs.

Proof that the program will work

Here's Jason burning off 31 pounds and hitting new personal records in the gym. He had been lifting for eight years! Eight years, and he felt like he wasn't getting the results, energy, and look that he wanted. Now look at him. He's stronger than before while knocking nearly 5" off his waist. He got a DEXA scan and he had next to zero visceral fat—meaning he's very, very healthy.

Best Skinny-Fat Transformation

Here's Jarrett. Before joining the program, he was "fat-fat" (his words) and managed to burn off over 60 pounds by himself (which is awesome.) But now, he was in that same skinny-fat limbo of wanting to be both leaner, bigger, and healthier. He said he could cut the fat fairly easily but always gained fat whenever he tried to muscle-up through bulking. He started with a fat-burning for a few weeks, where he lost 2 pounds and hit new PRs. He then transitioned to a "lean bulk," and he put on 10 pounds of lean mass. This was his first successful bulk—making him 8 pounds heavier than when he started while being his leanest and strongest yet. I can't wait to see his continued results.

Skinny-Fat Body Transformation

And here's Abiel burning off 21 pounds of fat while hitting new personal records. He did calisthenics for eight years. When that didn't get him the results he wanted, he switched to lifting for the past two years. Then he started working with us and totally transformed his physique in just four months while eating an incredibly healthy, wholesome diet.

Skinny-Fat to Shredded Six Pack Abs

You only need to take a look at our 10,000+ clients' results over the past ten years from our other programs to know that we know what it takes to take our clients to the next level in the strength and health.

I'm not mentioning our amazing case studies to brag but instead to show that  the principles we teach will produce powerful results.

If you would like our help, our program can show you how to become leaner more easily and more quickly than ever before while finally getting rid of that stubborn fat that's covering your six-pack. Defeating that stubborn fat will also make you super healthy. You'll also learn how to do this while breaking through plateaus and hitting new personal records when lifting weights.

You will learn, just as I did, the subtle changes you must take in your diet and your workout programming to make you simultaneously leaner, fitter, and stronger. You will finally have everything you need to get it right.

So what's inside? Here's a preview:

  • The new type of fat scientists discovered covering your abs (despite every fitness "guru" saying a calorie deficit is all you need), why this type of fat is impossibly stubborn, why you must deal with it if you want to be healthy, and what the fix is.
  • What strength standards with the core lifts and body measurement size you'll need to hit to look strong and masculine, and what the path is to get there. (We include our strength vision calculator inside your dashboard for you to plug in your numbers.)
  • What a workout must have to build strength even as you burn fat, how to become fit and healthy, along with the exact workouts to follow in spreadsheet form.
  • The science behind eating to fuel muscle growth instead of fat gain. We teach you how to do this without even counting calories (Our program works so well because compliance is high, and compliance is high because the food tastes amazing, you feel full without feeling bloated, and you don't have to count calories if you'd prefer not to.)
  • Understanding the carb controversies and what to change to make them fuel workout performance and muscle recovery—and not fuel fat gain or ill health.
  • Why the standard cut/bulk model and focusing on weight is what's holding you back from rapid visual results, and what the one metric is to focus on instead.

This will all be revealed immediately inside the digital, downloadable eBook that you can go through at your own pace. Then you can ask questions inside our exclusive community forum for our help to get you the transformation you want.

Plus, we'll also show you the specific details on using our principles to get crazy results that we lovingly titled:

  • Jetsam Training—workouts to hit new PRs and workouts to add size
  • The Density Diet—to burn fat and build muscle without counting calories (while becoming way healthier)
  • Mitocharging—to become fitter, biologically younger, healthier in every sense of the word, and melt off stubborn-fat and become resistant to it in the future

This isn't another random eBook that will gather dust on your digital library. 

This is the solution that will take you to your goal. This is the program that takes you from Point A to Point B—guaranteed.

The sad truth is that many guys lift weights three times a week for years, sometimes for a decade, and no one can even tell. They can't even tell since they don't feel particularly energetic or feel strong. They don't feel as athletic or fit as they want to be given their effort—and it doesn't need to be that way.

With our help, you'll be able to learn how to get six-pack abs while hitting new PRs, and melting off stubborn belly fat to become healthy. Each week, you'll get stronger and stronger, until eventually you'll have remarkable strength and remarkable leanness—and on the way there, you'll feel amazing and be bursting with energy.

Free Gift: at-home workouts

As a bonus, on top of our program, we heard from many of our clients that their gym was temporarily closed due to government coronavirus restrictions. So we included both "minimal equipment workouts" (chin-up bar and bands) and "no-equipment workouts" (all you need is a backpack) to hold you over. That way, you can still progress by combining these workouts with the Density Diet and Mitocharger principles starting today.

Learn from my mistakes and save time, effort, and money

After joining, you'll learn the formula to the best ways to lift for muscle-growth. Then you'll learn what and how to eat to become strong, healthy, and lean—with delicious food—to keep you moving directly towards the body you want. (I'm talking real and wholesome food—steak, fish, eggs, chili, fruit, oats, toast, etc.)

This program will show you what I learned but put together into concise eBook. And you'll be able to ask questions to someone further along than you. (I had to learn all these new principles over the past two years, reading dense research listed on PubMed and then trying out experiments on myself.) The information inside this program is information that you will benefit from for life.

I can show you how to avoid all my mistakes, and what to do instead. You'll never have to wonder if your genetics suck or keep browsing Reddit for hours at night looking for the "secret," or why your health is spiraling out of control, and you won't have to wonder if you'll ever be able to get a six-pack.

Instead, you'll be getting stronger every week in the gym. When you step out of the shower and see yourself in the mirror, you'll notice that you're getting a lot leaner and bigger. And you'll start feeling boundless with energy—like you turned back the clock a few years and reclaimed your health.

Here's what one of my clients, JJ B, wrote to me:

"The program is awesome and has shed so much light as to why stubborn belly fat sticks around so much."

And Cinqué said this:

"So far, so good. After about six weeks, I am already noticing upper-body results that have taken me to a new level."

And W G said this:

"So far, I've been losing fat faster than I have before. I have a lot of energy and better sleep quality. Looking forward to more fast progress."

Here's exactly what you'll get when you join:

  1. First, you'll get an email welcoming you that includes a link to your dashboard with immediate access.
  2. Once you log in, you'll get access to the 250-page concise but in-depth True Gains eBook guide that will cover everything you need to know as a proven method to get a six-pack, and bigger and stronger and healthier.
  3. Then you can copy over our fat-loss, strength, & size spreadsheet workouts. Both will continually make you stronger, but the fat-loss workouts will simultaneously make you leaner and stronger. Once you're lean, then the muscle-building workouts are like pressing the gas on the pedal. They tell you exactly what weight to lift and come with numerous drop-down exercise alternatives for if you have a barbell or dumbbells or just want to switch things up.
  4. You can play with our strength vision calculator. Plug in your height, weight, and waist measurement, and you'll know your strength and measurement benchmarks to aim for as you get down to work.
  5. Weight, Body Measurements, and Bodyfat Tracker Spreadsheet. First, we teach you how to objectively judge your starting point in terms of body fat, and then you can get clear by seeing objective proof that the program is working.
  6. Scientific Calorie Calculator. The reality is that some people like counting calories. If you're one of them, our calculator uses all the most recent science and lets you plug in your daily steps, how "clean" your diet is, if your main priority is to burn fat or build muscle, and how quickly you want to see results.
  7. You'll also get immediate access to the private member's forum. Say hello, ask questions and get answers. You don't need to go at it alone.
  8. BONUS: Limited + No-Equipment WorkoutsEfficient workouts to build muscle and burn fat even at home—even with no equipment—in these strange times.

Our mission has always been to help as many regular guys as we can to reach their goal of becoming strong, lean and healthy. We had an expert consultant on a team that sold more than $100 million in eBooks/coaching tell us that after taking a look, that our products should be easily be sold for $397–$497 USD. That was years ago—before we put in years of refinement and really perfected our systems.

Given our track record with our client's transformations, our parent company's 94% "Excellent" rating from customer reviews on TrustPilot, and over ten years of experience, our programs could easily sell for $2000–$3000 USD. (Many inferior programs regularly sell in this price range as people are desperate after they're tired of wasting years of training and *still* not be where they want.)

Why is it so cheap? My goal is to try and get this information out and to try and help any guy looking to take ownership to improve his life. We get messages all the time from our clients thanking my co-founders and me for creating our programs because it got them out of a very painful place in their life.

At this point in my career, messages like these are by far the most fulfilling thing in my work.

And so we've made it possible to join True Gains for only $150.

That's 25% off the regular price we normally charge for our programs and works out to only 41 cents a day.

Want my advice? Don't hesistate.

We've noticed a pattern of guys emailing us telling us they've been reading our blogs for 5+ years, that they love our content, and that they'll be pulling the trigger soon.

Unfortunately, the chances are high that these guys will never fix their problem.


They never take action and they're stuck in "learning" mode.

You and I both go through periods of procrastination and feeling motivated—we're only human. We both know that it's best to act quickly and take action on things that we're motivated to fix. Especially things that are ultimately good for us and will help bring our strength, health, and fitness to the next level. Fortune favours the action-takers. This is why I'd highly recommend deciding today if you're even remotely interested.

We've continued our education and have taken some of the top certifications, we're subscribed to many of our industries monthly reviews, and we have still yet to see any of them cover the cutting-edge science, like stubborn belly-fat—let alone the step-by-step fix for it.

As far as we can tell, this makes our program the *only* program covering these problems, and it includes tactics we had to personally learn the hard way. Combined with our coaching experience and track record—we believe that have the best option available for men who are looking to lean out and become big and strong without ruining their health.

So, if your current physique and health isn't where you want it to be, and the idea of getting a six-pack while becoming bigger and stronger appeals to you?

Then you can join the program here:

We've tried to make it as easy, simple, and convenient for you to get the results you want. To make things even less risky for you to get started, we also include a 100% money-back action-based guarantee.

If you're like me, you've bought a handful of programs in the past that weren't worth the hard-earned cash you paid for them. So we guarantee that if you put in the work, you'll get the results you want. (At the same time, we don't want to invite serial refunders, scammers, and do-nothing-program-browsers to falsely buy and refund our program.)

So if you have any concerns about the program working, know that if you put the principles into action, you will get the results we promise—or else we'll get your money back to you.

So you can join in with confidence, but you should make a decision today. Aside from procrastination getting the best of us—this lower price won't last forever.

One Payment


When you click the button, you'll be brought a secure order checkout page with a review of everything you'll get that we just talked about, and then you can join immediately.

Whatever you decide, don't give up on your quest. You can be big, strong, lean and healthy—I'm sure of it.

Hope to see you on the other side inside the community.


Jared Polowick

"Backed by science... Loved the little details"

"I loved the structure of the course. Every section builds upon each other, is backed by science and gives actionable steps.

As a self-proclaimed nerd of fitness and self-improvement, I loved the little details that were given."

Deans TestimonialDean Phillips—Superhuman Lab

"It just feels good... wasn't sure what was wrong with me"

"Still progressing through it. But added a goal to get more walks in, that has had a direct effect of increasing my energy levels. It just feels good. I also have hope that I can actually fix my health which is a great thing, as I wasn't sure what was wrong with me."

"I am progressively overloading while visibly losing fat"

"I have lost fat so far about 7 weeks in. Further, I am progressively overloading (either a rep or so higher than the previous time I performed the exercise or a bump in weight) while visibly losing fat."


"Like it's made specifically for me"

"The story of how True Gains came about is basically my story. I work a desk job mostly and my posture is taking a hit, along with a bunch of little aches and pains all over the place I believe are from being too sedentary.

True Gains sounds like it's made specifically for me and is a simple guide that even I can understand and follow."

"Seeing strength gains and extra definition in the mirror"

"I like the variety of rep ranges and the mix of barbell and dumbbell, bilateral and unilateral, and anti-rotation exercises.

I'm only in my 1st week of Phase 2, but I'm seeing strength gains and I can see some extra definition in the mirror. –Kevin

"Made me feel much better"

"I like the way the program is set out - here's how to lift/get active, here's how to eat, and here's some rituals like sun exposure and elimination of blue light. Compartmentalising it like that makes it easy to understand and follow.

The best part for me is how thoroughly researched it is. Every assertion in the course is supported by evidence.

I started increasing my steps and sun exposure from day 1, which alone made me feel much better. I mean mentally it made me feel good about myself that I was actively breaking up long periods of sitting.

True Gains: Gain Muscle and Burn Fat

The best men's body transformation program

Get fatter when you bulk and get weaker when you cut? Discover the new way to build muscle and get lean for guys like us

The most advanced diet framework that is easy, delicious, and simple-to-use that will make you lean, muscular, and healthy

Learn how to break out of the loop and gain muscle and burn fat at the same time

The cutting-edge science behind banishing stubborn belly-fat to reveal your abs through vibrant health

10 years of online coaching refining our system to transform from a weak and fat physique to a masculine and powerful one

No gimmicks—science-based, tested, and refined in the real world

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