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True Gains

A man's guide to getting strong, big, & lean—even if he's skinny-fat

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Instant access, and yours to keep forever.

The only system that covers the cutting-edge science on building muscle, burning fat, and melting stubborn belly-fat to get out of the dreaded skinny-fat purgatory.

Designed specifically for guys who:

Want to gain 10 pounds of lean mass while burning off 10 pounds of fat—all while getting healthier

Have stubborn belly-fat, and can never get lean enough to get a six-pack without becoming too skinny

Work a desk job, commute, and/or sit a lot during the day

Wonder why their last bulking attempts had them gain too much fat (and not enough muscle)

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Stuck in Skinny-fat Purgatory?

We asked the guys on our Outlive newsletter what the biggest issue they were struggling with was.

We got dozens of messages like these:

Nobody likes it when you try to bulk up and put on some mass and you just end up packing on the pounds all at the gut.

To make things worse, we've all seen the countless transformations of guys getting incredible results from online programs.

But too often, when guys follow those same programs—it doesn't work for them. Why not?

There are hidden factors that are missing from their life that plateaus their results and make them fatter instead of stronger when trying to bulk up.

The even bigger problem is that these factors aren't just preventing them from reaching their aesthetic, attractive, healthy, and strong body.

Aside from packing on stubborn belly-fat onto their skinny frames, these same problems are also:

  • eroding their health
  • contributing to balding
  • making their erection less hard
  • making them get sick more often
  • and aging them more quickly

But the good news is that once they figure out what these factors are, they're relatively simple to fix.

True Gains is a cutting-edge, research-backed, and wholesomely healthy program to get you bigger, leaner, and healthier—all at the same time.

In fact, it's the only muscle-building system that we've seen talking about these hidden factors, that many fitness pro's aren't aware they need to teach because they're already doing them. (Whether it be chance, intuitiveness, etc.)

We reference over 125 peer-reviewed studies—using cutting-edge science to develop these muscle-building and fat-burning protocols. (Many of the studies we referenced for building this program were published in 2019–2020, and some are so new they haven't even been printed in journals yet.)

To be clear, True Gains isn't a silver bullet or a pill you can swallow.

Like other workout and nutrition programs, it'll require lifting weights.

But unlike other programs, it'll work.

This is because we'll do the right type of work, finally leading to the rightful payoff.

The specifics matter—especially if you're skinny-fat.

A regular bulking program is meant for ripped skinny dudes who can gain ten pounds of fat and still have abs.

A regular diet program is meant for guys who are already huge who don't mind losing some muscle as they get lean.

And some guys in their late teens/early twenties achieve a remarkable body because they're naturally doing these things in their life without trying. You'd never know it, and neither would they.

But now, with True Gains, we'll show you what you need to do, so that you too can begin reaping rapid gains while getting leaner—and leave the skinny-fat body behind forever.

What's inside True Gains?

True Gains Video Course

Watch the videos or speed-read the eBook (PDF)

We'll walk you through the entire framework step-by-step. It explains "why" you haven't gotten results in the past, and the science behind your next steps forward.

True Gains eBook

90-Day Workout Plan

True Gains Lifting Program

A 90-day three-phase complete exercise program (lifting & more)

These printable workouts are designed to help you build muscle, burn fat, improve your fitness, and includes a daily type of exercise that can radically improve your health and melt stubborn belly fat.

The lifting program is designed to build a manly and attractive body. The work is weighted towards building:

  • Thick, and athletic neck (no more weak-looking pencil neck)
  • A wide back and broad, cannonball shoulders
  • A developed upper and lower chest
  • Visible abs and more athletic obliques
  • A bit of arm work too

The warm-ups will help restore optimal posture. They're designed for guys who typically sit a lot, helping with shoulder mobility and beginning the process of getting rid of upper-lower cross syndrome (anterior pelvic tilt.)

"Normal Mode" or "Hard Mode" Workouts

In the program we include two versions of the workouts.

  • Normal mode is for someone who has a lot on their plate, and wants to ease into a workout to make it easier to form a habit. They might have kids, a stressful job, etc.
  • Hard mode is for someone who sees a challenge as an opportunity to become stronger, smarter, or more competent. It is for people who are autonomous and follow through, and are willing to put more work in and focus on recovery if it means faster results.

True Gains Hard Mode

What equipment is needed?

These workouts can be done either at home or at a gym.

You might do best if you have a home-gym or you work close to a gym though, because working out more often (but much shorter sessions) will help you get the best results (we'll teach you why high-frequency workouts can help.)

You can do everything with just:

  • Two adjustable dumbbells, heavy enough to challenge you
  • An adjustable bench

If you have access to a barbell and pull-up bar—that's even better.

Product Details

  • Instant and lifetime access.
  • Download as a PDF
  • Last updated: May 4, 2020, version 0.1.1

Here's what a few guys thought of True Gains

"Backed by science... Loved the little details"

"I loved the structure of the course. Every section builds upon each other, is backed by science and gives actionable steps.

The members area is easy to navigate and a lot of attention has been put into giving you enough information to understand why certain things are given to you, without it being overwhelming or taking up your entire day.

As a self-proclaimed nerd of fitness and self-improvement, I loved the little details that were given. It's also fantastic to see it being updated and expanded upon. You know you're getting in on a product which has a team that cares about what they're putting into this world. One with a stellar reputation."

Deans TestimonialDean Phillips—Superhuman Lab

"Shed so much light as to why stubborn belly fat sticks around so much"

"The program is awesome, and has shed so much light as to why stubborn belly fat sticks around so much. For me, the best parts of the program were the science behind it and article links supporting Jared's teachings."

"Works very well"

"So far, so good. I am doing the Hard Mode and finding it works very well. After about 6 weeks, I am already noticing upper-body results that have taken me to a new level."

"I am progressively overloading while visibly losing fat"

"I have lost fat so far about 7 weeks in. Further, I am progressively overloading (either a rep or so higher than the previous time I performed the exercise or a bump in weight) while visibly losing fat. So, it would seem that at least to some extent I am seeing body recomposition.

I indeed like the ebook better than the videos as it is easier to go back and refer to something that I want to go back to. I can more easily search text that figure out which video is the right one and find the right spot in the video.

I both like and don't like lower focus on lower body. On the plus side, I see that it lets my body spend more energy on protein synthesis on getting my upper body while not letting my lower body drop into decline. The reason I don't like it I believe is just a mental hurdle that the greatest indicator of strength is the size of a mans legs and how much he can squat or deadlift. But I would rather see some growth in my upper body while staying the same in my lower body rather than seeing virtually no growth in my body at all."

"It just feels good... wasn't sure what was wrong with me"

"Still progressing through it. But added a goal to get more walks in, that has had a direct effect of increasing my energy levels. It just feels good. I also have hope that I can actually fix my health which is a great thing, as I wasn't sure what was wrong with me."

"I do appear to be losing some fat"

"My results so far have been an initial loss of weight followed by maintenance in weight. I do appear to be losing some fat.

My favorite part of the program is the reverse flys every day, since this is the first increase in back measurements I have seen in a long time.

One thing I have struggled with in hardcore mode is time. Partly it is because I am awful at maintaining reasonable rest periods when working out at home which makes my workouts too long and not metabolically stressful, but I feel like it isn't possible to get 10,000 steps, workout, cook a healthy meal of whole foods and enough protein, and get 8-9 hours of sleep every day. If there is any social obligation on the calendar, like dinner with family or seeing a movie with friends, I inevitably fail to meet one of those goals and end up resenting the program sometimes. Or I eat the same batch meal for a week straight, which is demoralizing.

That said, I don't think a 3/week workout program would have helped me lower my body fat% like this program has."

"Losing fat faster than I have before"

"So far I’ve been losing fat faster than I have before. I have a lot of energy and better sleep quality. Looking forward to more fast progress."
–W G

"Like it's made specifically for me"

"The story of how True Gains came about is basically my story. I work a desk job mostly and my posture is taking a hit, along with a bunch of little aches and pains all over the place I believe are from being too sedentary. True Gains sounds like it's made specifically for me and is a simple guide that even I can understand and follow."

"Seeing strength gains and extra definition in the mirror"

"I like the variety of rep ranges and the mix of barbell and dumbbell, bilateral and unilateral, and anti-rotation exercises.

I like how I'm able to slightly modify the Hard Mode and fit it in to 45 minute sessions M-F + 60 to 75 minutes on Saturday.

It requires focused attention throughout the day (get in your steps, get sunlight, etc.) but doesn't consume my life the way b2B full on bulking phases did.

I'm only in my 1st week of Phase 2, but I'm seeing strength gains and I can see some extra definition in the mirror.

Weight has only gone up a small amount so I need to bump my calories a bit in Phase 2 and see if I can gain a little more than I did in Phase 1."

"The videos are kinda awkward (to be blunt), but I have lost some fat."


"Made me feel much better"

"I like the way the program is set out - here's how to lift/get active, here's how to eat, and here's some rituals like sun exposure and elimination of blue light. Compartmentalising it like that makes it easy to understand and follow.

The best part for me is how thoroughly researched it is. Every assertion in the course is supported by evidence.

I started increasing my steps and sun exposure from day 1, which alone made me feel much better. I mean mentally it made me feel good about myself that I was actively breaking up long periods of sitting.

I didn't fully commit to the lifting aspect of the program until the start of the new year but since then I have enjoyed the workouts and am noticing slight strength gains accompanied by a more athletic/muscular appearance."

The team behind True Gains

About the Team

True Gains is a new program from Marco Walker-Ng, and Jared & Michelle Polowick. We're currently working with a handful of guys developing some case studies for it.

Our team originally launched Bony to Beastly in 2011, and Bony to Bombshell in 2012. We've since helped over 10,000 men and women get their dream bodies, and nearly 4 million readers with our free content.

Bony to Beastly Skinny-Fat

You can check out some reviews written about our original project on 3rd party sites:

Bony to Beastly Trust Pilot

Site Jabber Reviews

We know how to overbuild our programs in a way that they'll work for even the most stubborn of bodies (while reaping ridiculous results for those with normal genetics.)

Marco is the head of programming all of our workouts, including the ones in this program.

  • Marco has an Honours Bachelor in Health Sciences (BHSc)
  • is a certified personal trainer
  • has numerous certifications as he continues to stay updated on nutrition, postural restoration, and more
  • has worked one-on-one with many Olympians and professional athletes
  • has gained over 63 pounds on his 6'3 frame (191cm).
Marco after gaining over 60 pounds.
Outlive: True Gains

True Gains

A man's guide to getting strong, big, & lean—even if he's skinny-fat

$100 $50 USD
Instant access, and yours to keep forever.

A one-of-a-kind program, containing actionable information on getting a six-pack that we have yet to see offered anywhere else, to help guys build muscle, burn stubborn belly-fat, and improve their health—all at once.

The exact workouts needed to build a manly, and attractive physique. (Thick neck, wide shoulders, big back and arms, strong upper chest and six-pack.)

The $9 non-invasive and safe biohackers gadget that will make your friends laugh at you—until they see your results. (Using this will also help you stay young, sleep better and improve muscle recovery—allowing you to get more out of your workouts.)

"Hard mode" workouts to challenge even the most ambitious guys who wanted results yesterday.

What to eat to avoid belly-fat gains, and what foods will synergistically multiply the effects of your workouts.

The unsexy "fix" that can radically limit fat-gains (and avoid long-term health issues) if you work a desk job

The alternative to cardio if you hate it, but you know that you should be doing something

The only supplement (or two) worth buying—saving you hundreds (thousands?) of dollars from bogus purchases

The cutting edge research on the stubborn belly-fat covering your abs, and how to fix it (video 2.)

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