True Gains: Gain Muscle and Burn Fat

The best skinny-fat workout + lifestyle + diet transformation program

How to go from skinny-fat to lean + muscular with abs

Discover the new method for those who get fatter when they "bulk" and get weaker when they "cut."

A diet framework that is easy, delicious, and simple-to-use that will make you lean and muscular

Learn how to get out of the skinny-fat loop and gain muscle and burn fat at the exact same time

The cutting-edge science behind banishing stubborn belly-fat to reveal your abs

9 years of online coaching researching the workouts needed to transform from a skinny-fat physique to a masculine and aesthetic physique

No gimmicks—science-based, tested, and refined in the real world

Jared Polowick

I’m Jared Polowick, and I’m 33 years old—happily married with three kids.

I spent years in pain with chronic tendonitis in both arms, with a patch missing in my beard as a dangerously skinny and unhealthy web designer.

I was so skinny you could see my ribs, but I still had a layer of fat on my belly.

Then my roommate Shane and I discovered how to simply and rapidly build lean muscle mass, which required techniques that gave me my health back.

In just four months, I gained over 27 pounds of lean mass.

Skinny guy getting six pack abs

My beard filled in, and I cured my tendonitis. Family and friends started complimenting me, saying that I looked great. I felt amazing and became a super-powered version of myself.

Then, we teamed up with Marco—a professional trainer who was coaching Olympians to put on muscle. He also was previously skinny and put on over 60 pounds of lean mass. He helped to bring our program to the next level.

We began teaching skinny guys how to build muscle as fast as possible—no holds barred. It was extremely successful, and we have the best skinny ectomorph transformations on the web.

But as I got a little older, I started training nearly ten years ago now, I began to notice some annoying new issues.

I was balding a bit. I had dandruff, I had a circulation issue (varicocele), and there was a bit of stubborn belly-fat growing around my belly.

While I still lifted weights and ate home-cooked clean foods, I was getting short on time and was either sitting at the desk working from home or taking care of the family.

I started to wonder why was I getting these symptoms? I was too young to start declining this way.

The gym was becoming more and more frustrating. Every time I bulked, I got fatter. And every time I cut to get rid of the fat, I just got weaker. All the while, my business partner doing the same program as me kept getting bigger and leaner.

Then I stumbled upon a few things I was still missing. I discovered our Density Diet, MitoCharger, and Jetsam Training principles—the DMJ method.

Funnily enough, once I fixed those, my stubborn belly-fat started melting away, and my strength in the gym was skyrocketing so fast it felt like I had newbie gains all over again. I was doing the impossible, gaining muscle while getting leaner, even after training for years.

Now, we teach other skinny-fat guys how to become more powerful by hitting new personal strength records while also burning off 20 pounds of pure fat to get six-pack abs with the DMJ method.

Most of our clients that come to us work a desk job and aren’t feeling as young, pumped, and lean as they did when they were 21 years old. Now, after putting the principles into action, instead of looking like a droopy software developer, they look like a virile MMA fighter.

To learn exactly how I do this and how you can do the same, you can join the program, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get the results you want.

Hopefully, I’ll see you on the other side!

16-week transformation (ongoing)

Estimated 22% bodyfat to 10% bodyfat

Skinny-Fat Transformation to Six-Pack Abs

In 16 weeks (skinny-fat transformation ongoing)

Burnt over 18.5 pounds of fat

Dropped 4.5 inches off his waist + got six-pack abs

Added 35 pounds to his overhead press with the same reps

Previous Training History

1.5 years of lifting weights, 7.5 years of calithenics

What is your goal?

I want to add more muscle mass to my upper body and gain full-body strength. I would like to increase my cardiovascular fitness. I would also like to develop a body and habits that are more resilient in the face of stress.

How are things going?

I definitely eat more meat now than before.

And now that my meals are comprised of higher protein ratios, I eat more vegetables and greens, which are more varied protein sources than I had before (mainly whey protein and protein bars).

I added in the Icelandic sea salt you mentioned for magnesium and am looking to add more sources of vitamin K2 through foods like Gouda cheese, maybe even natto, for example. I may go for the supplements down the line.

With [the workouts], the intensity goes down each set which feels like a load off for my CNS and I can perform better.

The combo of all the lifestyle changes, even the greater sunshine and overall increase in activity levels, are all coming together man.

here's what a few members had to say about the program

"Backed by science... Loved the little details"

"I loved the structure of the course. Every section builds upon each other, is backed by science and gives actionable steps.

As a self-proclaimed nerd of fitness and self-improvement, I loved the little details that were given. It's also fantastic to see it being updated and expanded upon.

You know you're getting in on a product which has a team that cares about what they're putting into this world. One with a stellar reputation."

Deans TestimonialDean Phillips—Superhuman Lab

"Shed so much light as to why stubborn belly fat sticks around so much"

"The program is awesome, and has shed so much light as to why stubborn belly fat sticks around so much. For me, the best parts of the program were the science behind it and article links supporting Jared's teachings."

"I am progressively overloading while visibly losing fat"

"I have lost fat so far about 7 weeks in. Further, I am progressively overloading (either a rep or so higher than the previous time I performed the exercise or a bump in weight) while visibly losing fat. So, it would seem that at least to some extent I am seeing body recomposition.


Learn how to fix your skinny-fat body from those obsessed about combining training experience + cutting-edge science

eBook + video course + 90-day workout program

Designed for people who get smaller and weaker as they try and burn off their fat

Over 125 scientific studies referenced

137-page eBook that reveals the step-by-step framework of how to exercise, what to eat, why you have stubborn belly-fat, and how to radically improve your lifestyle

Proven techniques we've refined for the past 9 years since we started coaching online in 2011

90-day workout program to build an aesthetic, manly upper-body with great proportions. Thick, athletic neck—wide back, upper chest, broad shoulders, and a visible six-pack. And fix that slumpy desk work posture.

Don't sacrifice your long-term health for short-term muscle gain. Everything is designed to bring your health and fitness to the next level.

Ask us questions and get help from us. We're here to help you get the results you want, as quickly as possible.

True Gains Video Course

Created by a team of previously skinny ectomorphs

Built two online systems and communities, Bony to Beastly in 2011 and Bony to Bombshell in 2013, that 10,000+ ectomorphic men and women have used to get incredible results

Jared, previously dangerously skinny at 6'0 and 130 pounds, gained 27 pounds of lean mass at 10% body fat in just 4 months.

Marco coached many professional and Olympic athletes on the floor

Marco is a certified strength coach with a Bachelor in Health Sciences

Marco is a lanky 6'3 and has gained 70 pounds of lean mass at 10% body fat—completely naturally

Jared Polowick Muscle Building

Looking to get results like our clients?

Skinny-Fat Stubborn Belly Fix
Our prior clients

"Works very well"

"So far, so good. I am doing the Hard Mode and finding it works very well. After about 6 weeks, I am already noticing upper-body results that have taken me to a new level."

"It just feels good... wasn't sure what was wrong with me"

"Still progressing through it. But added a goal to get more walks in, that has had a direct effect of increasing my energy levels. It just feels good. I also have hope that I can actually fix my health which is a great thing, as I wasn't sure what was wrong with me."

"Losing fat faster than I have before"

"So far I’ve been losing fat faster than I have before. I have a lot of energy and better sleep quality. Looking forward to more fast progress."
–W G

Frequently Asked Questions

"Like it's made specifically for me"

"The story of how True Gains came about is basically my story. I work a desk job mostly and my posture is taking a hit, along with a bunch of little aches and pains all over the place I believe are from being too sedentary.

True Gains sounds like it's made specifically for me and is a simple guide that even I can understand and follow."

"Seeing strength gains and extra definition in the mirror"

"I like the variety of rep ranges and the mix of barbell and dumbbell, bilateral and unilateral, and anti-rotation exercises.

I'm only in my 1st week of Phase 2, but I'm seeing strength gains and I can see some extra definition in the mirror. –Kevin

"Made me feel much better"

"I like the way the program is set out - here's how to lift/get active, here's how to eat, and here's some rituals like sun exposure and elimination of blue light. Compartmentalising it like that makes it easy to understand and follow.

The best part for me is how thoroughly researched it is. Every assertion in the course is supported by evidence.

I started increasing my steps and sun exposure from day 1, which alone made me feel much better. I mean mentally it made me feel good about myself that I was actively breaking up long periods of sitting.

True Gains: Gain Muscle and Burn Fat

Get the gameplan to turn from skinny-fat to powerful