Forget About Dieting and Bulking

Burn off over 4" of stubborn fat from your gut—while packing on muscle

Skinny-Fat to Shredded Six Pack Abs
Best Skinny-Fat Transformation
Skinny Fat Transformation

The Skinny Fat Fix is a 12-week program that shows you why you have a gut, why having a gut will make building muscle harder to do, and how to solve both problems at the same time.

"Backed by science... Loved the little details"

"I loved the structure of the course. Every section builds upon each other, is backed by science and gives actionable steps.

Deans TestimonialDean Phillips—Superhuman Lab

"It just feels good... wasn't sure what was wrong with me"

"It just feels good. I also have hope that I can actually fix my health which is a great thing, as I wasn't sure what was wrong with me."

"Progressively overloading while visibly losing fat"

"I am progressively overloading (either a rep or so higher than the previous time I performed the exercise or a bump in weight) while visibly losing fat."

What The Problem Is:

So, you're skinny-fat.

You need to lose the gut.

But you're already feeling skinny and weak.

In the past you had three options:


Burn fat by eating less with a calorie deficit


Dieting just makes skinny-fat guys even weaker and skinnier than before.

And, the belly-fat is still there.


Gain muscle by eating more with a calorie surplus


Eating more food combined with lifting weights, helps skinny-fat guys to build some muscle.

But they've still got the gut, and now they're fat everywhere.

They're now fat-fat.


Lift weights while eating at calorie maintenance


Your belly isn't getting bigger (and neither are your muscles.)

After months of zero results, your motivation tanks and it's just not worth the effort anymore.

The New, better way

Researchers have found out that stubborn belly-fat is connected to chronic inflammation.

Not only that, but people with high levels of chronic inflammation have a hard time building muscle.

So, if you fix the chronic inflammation—the stubborn fat melts away, and you can finally build muscle with your workouts.

It took me years of personal experimentation and reading over 1,000+ studies to figure it out.

But the good news is that it's simple to fix once you know how.

This is how we help skinny-fat guys lose the gut while building muscle at the exact same time.

We call this the Skinny Fat Fix.



Stop eating inflammatory foods, and start eating nutritious foods

We teach you exactly what foods are causing inflammation that we've found through experimentation and reading research.

Then, start eating more of the healthy and delicious foods that melt inflammation while boosting natural testosterone production.


Lift weights 3x a week—but not like a powerlifter

"Lift heavy, eat big" is some of the worst advice for someone who is skinny-fat.

Lifting weights like a powerlifter improves your "numbers" by developing neural output, tendon strength, and bone density. You're strong, but you're still skinny and small.

Instead lift weights in a way to stress your muscles more than your tendons/bone.

This causes muscle "size" adaptations. This adds muscle to your frame and solves the skinny issue.


Get fit

After you fix the inflammation, you'll notice you're feeling a lot more energetic. This is because your cardiovascular system is working better—without even doing any jogging.

This improvement in cardiovascular health will allow you to become lean year-round effortlessly.

You can choose to push these cardio improvements even further, by doing some optional quick VO2Max workouts. These workouts boost your total metabolism, revealing six-pack abs through elite-level fitness. All this without ever counting calories—like an athlete.

So rather than eating less of the exact same foods that caused the inflammation in the first place...

Rather than weighing your food and counting calories to starve yourself to abs...

Rather than staying small (and getting injured) by doing powerlifting workouts...

You can do something different.

You can actually lose the gut—while building new muscle to become bigger—all at the exact same time.

Plus, it's way funner to lift weights and put in the effort, you know, when you're actually getting results.

Seem like a lot of effort?

The way I see it, effort needs to measured against results.

It's not worth it to go through the effort of lifting weights 3x a week, grocery shopping, doing meal prep, cleaning dishes, etc. just to look (and feel) the exact same.

But what if you were one of those guys you see online, with the crazy "before and after" photos?

You're now super strong, big, lean, and feel super fit.

You fill out clothes properly and your posture has improved and you're standing taller.

And you built an impressive looking physique.

And because you reversed the inflammation, you get a huge boost to your energy levels, your mental clarity, your sexual health, your confidence, and find it easier to control how you act.

These are all things that come with vibrant health.

Suddenly, lifting a couple of times a week and doing some meal-prep isn't such a bad trade-off.

real results make it worth the effort

And to get those results, it's as simple as executing a proven framework that you can learn and put into practice.

It took me 11 years of trial-and-error to discover these principles.

Let me show you how.


The Skinny Fat Fix

Inside this program, I break down exactly why you have chronic inflammation leading to stubborn belly-fat and small muscles. Then, I'll show you exactly what to do to fix it.

With this nutrition plan, workouts, and recovery principles, skinny-fat guys can finally become bigger, stronger, and healthier—with six pack abs.

These are the same techniques I used to gain forty pounds of lean mass and get rid of the stubborn belly-fat.

Now I stay as lean as an athlete, effortlessly, while continually adding size to my frame.

Skinny Fat Fix

And best of all—It's not like every other program

It's a simple, wholesome system that fixes the root problem of your stubborn fat and stubborn muscles.

Most programs can give you quick, temporary results of fat-loss only when you're starved by weighing out food, counting calories, and using fake sweeteners to temporarily trick your body.

But the moment you stop starving yourself, your weight rebounds, and the gut comes back.

The Skinny Fat Fix method is based around fixing the root problem, which then improves your health.

When you're healthy, the gut goes away, and it's easy to build muscle.

If you learn how to fix the real problem, you won't lose your results because you're lean from being healthy—not starved.

That means it does NOT require

  • counting calories
  • weighing your food
  • starving yourself
  • using whey protein
  • only eating once a day (OMAD)
  • skipping carbs (keto)
  • carnivore
  • any other weird "guru" tricks

All it takes is a couple of intelligent swaps in your diet, your workout program, and your lifestyle.


WE'LL Reveal Everything Including:

How to control exactly how much muscle you build—week after week and month after month.

Why you should ignore 99% of advice online—as it's making you both skinnier and weaker. (Advice is aimed at either shredded ectomorphs or fat people with muscle to spare.)

Stop debating about "bulking" versus "cutting." It's actually a roadblock that is holding you back.

A simple switch in your workouts that make you get big instead of just strong for your (small) size.

How to bet big on your motivation right now (so you're still getting results, like clockwork, five years from now.)

The #1 thing you can do, literally starting today, to begin melting away the belly

A forgotten workout method that all the natural bodybuilders used in the 1940s-1970s (before pharmaceuticals) to add muscle size quickly.

The fool-proof method to bust through plateaus (also tells you exactly when to add more weight to the bar.)

The exact foods that fitness guru's tell you to bulk with that are actually making you fatter

A real-world AND scientific look at getting six-pack abs without resorting to dangerous—not to mention illegal—drugs.



The Science & Secrets To Six-Pack Abs

I take you behind the science and secrets of getting six-pack abs.

We'll cover all the cutting-edge research about why there is a layer of stubborn fat on the belly that is covering your abs.

Follow this framework if you haven't been able to get your abs to show in the past—no matter what you've tried.


Natural Testosterone-Boosting

Inside we'll cover the top 10 testosterone killers, and the top 10 testosterone boosters.

When you get this right, it will make it easier to build muscle and stay leaner naturally.

Most guys who are skinny-fat also have low testosterone. Boosting your testosterone naturally, as opposed to using dangerous pharmaceuticals, will mean that your higher testosterone will also improve all aspects of your health like your energy, cardiovascular fitness, and sexual health. (Unlike drugs, which damage heart health.)


"Like it's made specifically for me"

"I work a desk job mostly and my posture is taking a hit, along with a bunch of little aches and pains all over the place I believe are from being too sedentary.

[It's] like it's made specifically for me and is a simple guide that even I can understand and follow."

"Seeing strength gains and extra definition in the mirror"

"I like the variety of rep ranges and the mix of barbell and dumbbell, bilateral and unilateral, and anti-rotation exercises.

I'm only in my 1st week of Phase 2, but I'm seeing strength gains and I can see some extra definition in the mirror.

"Made me feel much better"

"I like the way the program is set out. I started increasing my steps and sun exposure from day 1, which alone made me feel much better. I mean mentally it made me feel good about myself that I was actively breaking up long periods of sitting.

Is this right for you?


You're a skinny-fat guy who's relatively healthy (not on medication.)

You want to lose the gut and are willing to make a couple swaps to your diet to do it.

You want to build new muscle mass and are willing to lift weights—either at home or at the gym.

You are ready to learn a new way of exercising, diet, and lifestyle to produce remarkable results.


You're looking for a pill. This program will make you muscular, with a flat stomach, and good looking—because you'll actually be strong, healthy, and fit. That means putting in the work to get the results.

You aren't willing to have an open mind and to try it for yourself before judging. Many of the secrets inside this program are different than what most fitness guru's preach but are super effective in real life.



Download the Skinny Fat Fix eBook in PDF form that explains why you're skinny-fat, what the fix is, and how to put it into action. ($450 value)

90-Day Size & Strength Workout you can do at home (dumbbells or barbells) or at the gym in spreadsheet form that will tell you exactly when you move up in weights. ($250 value)

Optional Cardio Workouts to improve your vo2max that will make your metabolism very high, leading to bodyfat levels like an athlete's. These aren't your typical cardio workouts that drag on forever. They only take a few minutes and are designed to make you fast and shredded like a sprinter (not a marathoner.) ($50 value)

BONUS PDF: Secrets To Six-Pack Abs so you can understand why you've never gotten abs before, and how to fix the problem. ($100 value)

BONUS PDF: Natural Testosterone Boosters so you know exactly what to avoid and what to add into your diet. Things get way easier when your testosterone is high. Not only that, but high testosterone, when done naturally, is ultra-healthy and makes you feel like a million bucks. ($100 value)


Today's Investment: $95

Skinny Fat Fix Box

After Going Through The Skinny Fat Fix...

You'll be Able To:

Simplify what you eat while getting and know what foods will help you build muscle and which foods will add to the gut

Know how to lift weights to grow bigger muscles rather than still being small and strong

Understand how to do the right type of cardio to get very lean from exceptional fitness without ever tracking calories

Know what causes low testosterone (that plagues our whole society), and how to avoid these traps

Know exactly what to do to finally lose the gut and burn off stubborn fat (this fat melts off at your belly, neck, and face.)

Use these principles for the rest of your life to build muscle while staying lean

Common questions

How do I know if the Skinny Fat Fix is for me?

If you are a guy who:

  • feels skinny (not enough muscle)
  • also have a gut (too much stubborn fat)...

and you are willing to change your diet and work out but you just haven't gotten results yet... then this is the perfect program for you.

Do I need to take a bunch of supplements for this to work?

No. 99% of supplements are useless. Even worse, many supplements are harmful—even ones most people think are healthy. (Many supplements are made from mold—leading to toxins that will damage your health.)

What if I don't know how to lift weights yet?

If you are relatively healthy and you are willing to learn, you will have no trouble following the instructions on how to lift weights.

When I first started, I was a nerd who had never even set foot inside of a gym. It was the scariest place in the world until I realized that everyone there is also trying to improve themselves. The gym is actually a really encouraging place to be once you realize this.

You can also build a gym at home if you have space. All you need are two adjustable dumbbells and an adjustable bench. (We can help you figure out what to buy if you don't have any equipment yet.)

How long will it take to see results?

You should notice something hit your muscles differently right after your first workout.

Your first week you should notice some visible changes from your diet changes.

Within 30 days, you'll know it's working for sure because your waist measurements will have changed.

In my first month testing these principles, I gained four pounds of lean mass while losing an inch off of my waist.

90-Day action-based guarantee

My team and I fit a lot into this program and it'll take a bit of time to go through it, understand it, and then put it into practice. I want to give you a full 90 days to integrate these principles and get it working for you.

Try it out first and then decide if you love it or not. If you don't love it, you'll get 100% of your money back.

So, we're trying to keep this really simple and straight-forward. Give it a shot, and if it doesn't help you, email me, show me you did the workouts, and I'll give you all your money back. You have my word.

How to get started

Get instant Access To The program

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